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Experience the future of voice communication with Vocal, a revolutionary AI Voice Generator. This technologically advanced product offers you a myriad of features, tactfully designed to meet your communication needs. If you’ve ever wanted the power to send as many voice messages as you like, anytime you want, then Vocal is for you. It’s not just about quantity, though. This AI Voice Generator also ensures that your messages carry quality, with unlimited recording time, allowing you to express yourself fully without worrying about time constraints.

With Vocal, you’re not limited to just using Gmail or Outlook; you can also easily send voice messages through the convenience of our intuitive web app. It creates a bridge between the old and new styles of communication, breathing fresh life into simple text messages through the power of the human voice. Its purpose goes beyond sending emails or messages; it’s about making every conversation feel more personal and genuine, regardless of the platform.

In addition to that, a unique feature of Vocal is a voice contact form for your website. Anyone who visits your site will be able to reach out to you via voice messages, offering an interactive communication experience unlike any before.

But it’s not all about sending messages. With Vocal, you can also add a custom call-to-action to your voice message page. Whether you’re encouraging people to subscribe to your newsletter, sign up for a webinar, or buy a product, the AI Voice Generator optimizes your online communication by blending the dynamism of audio with actionable instructions.

Another remarkable feature to mention is the AI transcription included in all messages. This can be a game-changer for those who prefer reading messages at a glance. It’s also a perfect feature for the hearing-impaired or those who are in environments that don’t permit playbacks. Plus, for the sake of posterity, you can seamlessly download any messages. Whether it’s a sentimental note from a loved one or an important business proposal, having backup in your hands is always a smart move.

All these exceptional traits make Vocal an imaginative tool that doesn’t just talk; it converses. Every time you use Vocal, you’re choosing a communication standard that’s engaging and interactive. You’re choosing a medium built for flexibility, personalization, and empathy. And above all, you’re choosing a tool that understands the user’s needs as much as it understands language. Experience this leap in communication today with Vocal, taking your voice global.



  • All features above included
  • Send voice messages from Gmail or Outlook (+ our web app)
  • Send as many messages as you want
  • Invite 1 team member
  • Unlimited recording time
  • Voice contact form for your website
  • Add custom Call-To-Action (CTA) to your voice message page
  • AI transcription included for all messages
  • Download messages
  • Custom domain to host voice notes
  • Customise font, colors and theme

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