Odin AI

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Odin AI. Smart conversations, an editable knowledge base, an AI note-taker, and more! Optimize every use case click here

This AI meeting assistant transcribes every word and provides actionable summaries.

With an AI tool managing your workflow, you can work smart and play hard. (*straps on helmet* “Let’s go team.”)

Using the power of conversational AI, Odin AI helps you whip up content, offer better support to your customers, and make meetings more productive.

Unlock your company’s potential.

Get lifetime access to Odin AI today!

Thanks to Odin AI’s built-in meeting assistant, you can record and transcribe your meetings—complete with speaker tags.

You’ll be able to ask the AI questions about any meeting and get instant answers on what was discussed, just in case you ever miss a meeting.

Plus, you can build automated workflows to automatically send out summaries of any daily or weekly meetings to attendees or higher-ups.



  • Lifetime access to Odin AI
  • All future Pro Plan updates
  • Conversational Al
  • Real-time internet connectivity
  • Advanced chat context
  • Source enrichment
  • Chat with PDF
  • Content source citation
  • Collaborative projects
  • Question enrichment
  • Web crawler
  • Unit testing
  • Chat message analytics
  • AI meeting transcription and summaries

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